Welcome to Catalinas of

Santa Monica Bay

A Sailing Group of Catalina Sailboat Owners. Founded in 1990.

Catalinas of Santa Monica Bay started as the Catalina-36 Fleet #1. It currently has over one hundred members who are dedicated to promoting the Corinthian spirit of sailing.


The majority of boats in our Fleet are based in Marina del Rey in Southern California, but we also have members based in King Harbor (Redondo Beach), Cabrillo Marina (San Pedro) and Newport Beach. Our members are predominantly cruisers and day sailors although we participate as a fleet in several organized races each year: The C-36 Nationals when hosted on the West Coast; the Oxnard to Marina del Rey Race hosted by the Channel Islands Yacht Club and Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club.

In Southern California we are fortunate to have a group of eight islands called the Channel Islands. The closest one to Marina del Rey is Catalina which is about thirty-two miles due south. Our Fleet often has weekend trips to various coves at the Island. See Cruises and Events.

Our meetings are held at the Del Rey Yacht Club on the 4th Thursday of the month. In addition to being a social evening and business meeting, we invite local experts to our meetings to share their knowledge and experience from anchoring to yacht maintenance and everything in between.

Because our boats are essentially alike (with improvements made through the years by Catalina Yachts), our members have experienced similar problems and share solutions through speakers, discussions at meetings and in our newsletter's "Tech Talk." We also have an e-mail Discussion Group, limited to our current members.

The Fleet invites owners of all-size Catalinas to our monthly meetings to meet our friendly members where camaraderie is our specialty and safe boating is our goal. See Reasons to Join.

If you would like more information about our Fleet or are interested in membership, please email our Membership Chair Gisela Dawson at CatalinaFleet@gmail.com